Day Four — Flam to Bergen

Well I think its safe to say that the temperature has dropped today, there is snow on the hills of Flam, it all looks very pretty and with the low lying cloud; very moody. The view from the balcony is superb, it was worth paying the little extra for a fjord view.

View from the balcony
This was the hotel, don’t think we could of asked for a better view

After we had eaten breakfast and checked out, it was onto the Flam to Myrdal railway, so we could get our connecting train onto Bergen. The further we climbed into the mountains, we discovered it had snowed a little bit. The closer we got to Myrdal however, we realised it had snowed a lot! The second we hit Myrdal station we discovered that not only had it snowed, it was still snowing, and boy was it heavy snow!

Selfie in front of the waterfall
The picture doesn’t do the snow justice!
Thats how deep the snow was!

The snow was something we had wanted to experience in Norway, but not one we expected to have so soon. It’s really surprising how much snow can fall in the space of 24 hours. Hopefully the link to the video will show you have much it was actually snowing!

The Bergen train arrived and off we went; it only takes a couple of hours to get from Myrdal to Bergen. Bergen is a the polar opposite to Oslo. Where Oslo is quite densely built; where they have built skywards. Bergen is opposite, gone is the slightly claustrophobic streets; instead we are greeted with wide pedestrian streets and views of the surrounding hills. Personally of the two cities, I would pick Bergen, it has a much more personal feeling; its more connected to nature. It’s a city based around its fishing heritage, everywhere you go there are fish markets, and restaurants proudly announcing the locally caught produce.

The hotel is lovely and has hot beverage facilities, you have no idea how nice this actually is. However Lou is running low on decaffeinated tea bags. If you ask for decaf tea anywhere, they look blankly at you and offer fruit tea. I suspect that Lou is going to be on decaf coffee this trip (unless we find any)

Before hitting the sack, we went for a bit of a mooch around Bergen, the old part of Bergen (Bryggen) was a nice bit of a walk. Wooden buildings that seem to get closer the taller they go.

Weird fish thing (no idea either, it was funny though)
According to Lou the sign perfectly summed me up!
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