Day Three — Flam

After a seriously early alarm clock this morning, we managed to get onto the train platform with plenty of time to spare and with no real issues (unless you count Lou offering to insert a yoghurt pot up my left nostril)

We then set off on the five and a half hour train journey to Flam. The scenery was out of this world. Hills and mountains filled with green and orange trees, mist covered lakes and fjords. Sadly we didn’t see any trolls!

The thing about Norway is, everytime you look out of the train window you see something that blows you away, it never gets boring; its just one surprise after another. Poor Lou must have gotten bored with me nudging her every five minutes to gesticulate at some vista out of the window. What I will say is that Norway has a lot of tunnels!

We eventually reached Myrdal, which according to wikipedia is 1237m above sea level, to change trains and head into Flam. The view from the station was breathtaking, I even managed to persuade Lou to take a selfie (again!)

The train itself was a mixture of refurbished mid 20th century carriage and uber shiny and modern engine. I have had a gander on wikipedia and apparently 80% of the journey into Flam has a gradient of 5.5% of more. The views along the railway were some of the best we have seen on the trip so far.

The highlight was the Kjosfossen waterfall, the spray that came of it was seriously refreshing! Apparently they power the railway using the waterfall (the things you learn on wikipedia!)

We finally arrived in Flam, which is a little village surrounded on all sides by towering and imposing mountains, it also has a fjord running through the middle of it. We checked into our hotel and discovered it had hot beverage making facilities!!!! However its idea of a double bed is two single beds pushed together! Everytime either one of us moved, there was a gaping chasm in the middle. We do however get breakfast included, so every cloud an all that!