I would encourage you to start reading science fiction.
Eve Moran

Most sci-fi that I enjoy is based on alternative history — portraying a possible version of the past if different decisions were made or of the future as the result of the decisions we have yet to make. I watch in horror today at the decisions being made by this president and our congress. They no longer want to dream big and reach for a better future. They are shortsighted and focus on tomorrow’s popularity poll results and their next election. Their goals are not to move us toward a future where Star Trek would exist with technology and cooperation and tolerance. Instead, they glorify and lust for a nonexistent past where “we the people” meant rich, white, male landowners.

I was hopeful when there were large scale demonstrations and protests happening almost daily against this administration immediately after the inauguration. But it seems our outrage has ebbed and either we are too tired to keep it alive or have accepted all that the administration represents as the new normal.

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