Points to Consider Before Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

If you are accused with a crime then do not just rush to choose a reputed lawyer. You need to consider various other factors before you decide whom to choose for defending you.

Before hiring a lawyer you must understand what kind of lawyer is right for your case. For matters like divorce and estate issues which come under non-criminal category you need to hire civil lawyers. Similarly, if a case has been filed against you for some crime, you will need a criminal lawyer.

Criminal cases can be cognizable and non-cognizable. In case of cognizable offence you can be arrested any time without a need for a warrant. In such a case it is imperative on your part to hire top criminal lawyer as quickly as possible.
It is advisable to choose a lawyer after careful research and background checks, you might not always have such time. Remember not to consider that the most reputed lawyer is the best lawyer to defend you in your case and lets you win the case. Every criminal case is different from the other. So before choosing the lawyer for your case, you should choose the lawyer depending on a number of factors. Below are given few tips to help you hire the top criminal lawyers for you.

  • Ensure that the lawyer you are choosing delivers the required personal time to your case without simply delegating it to one of the junior lawyers.
  • While choosing criminal lawyers, look for lawyers who are members of the local bar council or lawyer associations.
  • Another point which is very vital to consider is that the lawyer you choose must have proper knowledge of Criminal Procedure Code.

The Criminal procedure code ensures a fair trial. The trial should be in such a way that none of the rights of the accused are compromised nor even they are unjustifiably favoured. It also ensures that the judge concerned with the case hears all parties who are involved in the trial. All the parties must be present at the time of trial. The code is concerned with the process of ensuring the attendance of any person involved with the case. The person may be the accused or the witness. It does so through various measures, viz. summons, warrant, proclamation and attachment of property.

After you are done with choosing your lawyer, you need to be very clear about your every details concerning the case to your lawyer. You should let your lawyer know the entire story including both good and bad parts of the case. This will help the lawyer to defend you to his/her full potential.

About Author: Philip Ben is a young law practitioner and works in top singapore law firms in Singapore. He is currently writing on subjects related to criminal law in Singapore.