Why I Think “The Every Day Calendar” Was Made For Me, And Just For Me

On Monday I wrote about how I want to start a daily writing habit. Yesterday I already optimistically exclaimed how easy it is to uphold my writing streak, even though it was only my second day. And today I want to write about a product that was launched on Kickstarter with such an incredible timing, that I can only attribute it to faith.

After I had finished my article yesterday I opened my phone and was welcomed by my Twitter app that as always presented me my daily highlights of tweets it believed I had missed. I usually don’t mind too much about these highlights, especially since I more than often already saw most of the suggested tweets over the course of the day. But yesterday already the first tweet struck me with excitement: Apparently Simone Giertz had launched her first Kickstarter project.

For those who don’t know her, she is basically a mixture between an inventor and a crazy engineer. In the “shitty robots” community she is known for building robots and machines that are highly nonfunctional, but at the same time highly entertaining. I’ve been following her since I first found one of her project on the /r/shittyrobots subreddit, which is one of my favorite subreddits and where she is lovingly called the “queen of shitty robots”.

I do not only like her creativity and projects, but also adore her always positive attitude and (sometimes dark) humor that she even maintained when she shared with her fans that she had a (luckily non-malignant) brain cancer.

So yesterday she finally published her first project that was actually meant to not be shitty and have a real purpose: The Every Day Calendar is a kind of digital grid system that is supposed to help people maintain daily habits. It’s meant for people who struggle with keeping a habit going without being constantly reminded that they are still going at it.

What awe-struck me is that Simone published this project exactly a day after I had finally committed myself to writing daily after not being able to do so for over a year. I’m still in some fear that I somehow will not be able to maintain this streak and I actually think The Every Day Calendar is exactly what I need.

And as it turns out, I am not alone: In the first day since the project launched, it has already been backed by over 1,200 people and easily reached its funding goal of about $30,000.

While there have been similar daily calendar designs that I thought of using before, I think Simone’s Every Day Calendar is the best designed so far and thus the easiest to actually keep me going.

By being required to mechanically pushing a button and being visually reminded of how long a streak has been going on, I think this will actually help me going on even on days when I really don’t feel like it.

So thanks Simone, for that incredible timing on launching your first Kickstarter and I hope there will be more projects to follow, shitty or non-shitty.