7 things working at the Apple Store taught me about product development

  1. It’s all about setting expectations, all the time.
  2. Under-promise, over-deliver
  3. Don’t drown people into complicated technical details. Make it digestible
  4. People won’t take the time to read anything
  5. Take the time for your users, they had trust in you when buying your product, honour it.
  6. Some people will be d**** about what you do and look for trouble. Pick up your fights
  7. Whatever position you have in the company, you all wear the same shirt. This is a META one. At the Apple store, people all have blue shirts (or whatever seasonal color). It used to not be the case, and it used to be one color per team (Genius vs. Managers vs. Business vs Backstore people etc). But in the end, whatever position you have in the company, you are just “the guy from the Apple Store” for your users.
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