Interactive globe educates students and teachers about climate change

Currently, the classrooms today are rapidly evolving from analog to digital. In addition, interactive whiteboards have taken over the traditional textbooks as well as children today are more inclined towards improved and advanced learning practices. In essence, these globes have the ability to combine the power of 3D multimedia visualization, world’s largest library of global content and have a user interface which has particularly been designed and tested for both teachers and students. Magic Planet interactive globes have been proven to help students to learn more effectively. In addition, these interactive globes are helpful across all subjects where children learn about the world and climate change in particular. Children varying from kindergarten up till high schools are now better able to learn the basics of the location of oceans and land masses, the weather, everyday objects and climate change apart from other key areas. Other key exceptional features of interactive globes includes its ability to update events as they happen, including weather, news, social media, climate change and other natural events. Amongst the exceptional feature of these globe is its stunning Dual HD systems which is achieved through its new innovative lens. Currently, these globes are available in different sizes of 16” to 18”. To give the students a better understanding of how things work in reality, interactive globes launched by Global Imagination display earth’s dynamic systems of all sorts including; plate tectonics, climate, ecosystems and more. With increased use of interactive globes in classroom today, K-12 students have become tuned in and eager to learn in comparison to other traditional teaching methods. In order to make their lessons successful, teachers were in need of student’s rapt attention and interest which has become possible with these interactive globes. At present, with increased use of technology, students have become more interested in cool and interactive media experiences that hold their attention. Recently, research studies have proven that more active learners in the classroom yield better results. It has been proven by research that across a wide variety of subjects, the use of interactive globe in classroom has resulted in increasing comprehension by 16%. Apart from sparking the imagination of school children, the Magic Planet interactive globe also increase classroom participation and collaboration on group projects. Learning practices have been claimed to improve across elementary, middle and high school.

According to Global Imagination, Magic Planet represents the natural evolution of the ubiquitous classroom globe. The interactive screen explains the users how different things tend to influence our climate and what might be responsible for global warning. At this time, different museums around the globe today already are making use of Magic Planet interactive globes to increase user’s learning about climate change and global warming. Without a doubt, Global Imagination’s set of interactive globes have the ability of doing so as learning experience of students is enhanced with Magic Planet interactive globe as it makes global concepts a lot more easier for K-12 students to understand and appreciate.