Resources for the resistance

There have been so many good resources compiled by so many smart people that help people get involved and engage in direct action that it’s been hard to keep track of them all. This is my ongoing, updated list of all the resources I have come across for engaging in activism and resistance. If you come across any others, please email or comment and I will add them! (Last updated: Feb 15th, 2017)

Actions to take right now:
Weekly action checklist
Notifications about local elections
Upcoming flippable elections in swing districts action list
@Celeste_pewter has an excellent weekly/daily action breakdown, along with info on how to find/track/watch your reps
re:act is a weekly newsletter with detailed updates and action items

Contacting your reps

(Canada) Find your MP
(US) Find your Rep
(US) Find your Senator
Upcoming Townhalls with elected officials
Tracking laws passing through Congress
Digital Democracy lets you search through videos and transcripts of state hearings in California and New York

Guides & how-to

Indivisible Guide on political engagement
(Canada) Mobilizing against Trump’s Muslim ban
Barney Frank’s guide on how to talk to Congress effectively
Twitter thread on how to talk to your politicians effectively
Facebook post on how to talk to your politicians effectively
How to create delays in Congress by commenting on regulations
A video crash course in how the US Congress works
Resistance Manual is an open source guide
Sojourner’s resistance survival guide
How to engage effectively if you have disabilities

Long-term Action

Run For Something helps young progressives run for office
Other marches coming up in the next 6 months


How to avoid being a bystander when witnessing a racist attack
What to do when witnessing an Islamophobic attack
How to respond to everyday bigotry
Tech Solidarity — Maciej Ceglowski is organizing a tech workers’ resistance

Keeping track of the news

What the Fuck Just Happened Today
New York Times’ Trump Agenda Tracker
Marie Claire’s Profiles on Trump’s Cabinet Picks
Tracking who voted for what in Trump’s Cabinet
Which Congressperson said what about the Muslim ban
Amy Siskind is keeping a list of things that are #NotNormal
Francis Hwang is posting a daily crisis summary
AJ+ has a weekly Trump tracker newsletter
I have a TinyLetter where I send you 5 things per day

Understanding & surviving autocracy

Masha Gessen’s rules for surviving autocracy
20 lessons from the 20th century about how to defend democracies
Dear liberals: you do not have the tools
Lessons for surviving an autocracy from Eastern Europe


How to avoid being psychologically destroyed by your newsfeed
How to stay outraged without losing your mind


A DIY Guide to Feminist Cybersecurity
@thegrugq’s Guide for Twitter Activist Security
Surveillance self-defense in the Trump’s administration
How to get past customs without giving up your digital privacy

News literacy

How to read news like a search warrant
Tools and lessons for detecting crap news


FaxZero lets you send five free faxes per day — fax your Congresscritters
#RefugeesWelcome Lesson Plan for teachers
The process for impeachment of a US president

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