This is terrifying.

These are US green card holders — legal permanent US residents — who are being denied re-entry to the US. Many US green card holders:
- have lived in the US for years
- have permanent jobs in the US
- are married to US citizens
- have American children
- have no residence outside the US
- are on the way to becoming US citizens
And virtually all green card holders have already undergone extensive background checks and navigated the US immigration system lawfully, with the understanding that a green card means you come and go from the US at will. Perhaps these people left the US briefly to attend a marriage or a funeral. How many of them are now separated indefinitely from their families in the US? How many are separated from their only home? How many of them will lose their jobs in the US?

No this executive order does not directly affect me or my family… yet. But I have:
- a work permit and residency in a Muslim country
- countless Muslim colleagues and colleagues from Muslim countries (including from Syria)
- a spouse who has a US green card and is from a country that is 40% Muslim… and who is currently abroad
- an adopted child, half of whose biological family is Muslim
And the callousness with which this executive order has undoubtedly upended the lives of so many people — Americans and their families, so similar to me — has me terrified. DJT’s Muslim ban is grotesque and cruel and must end immediately.

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