I love freeform radio. And I had been missing it, until now.

I grew up in a college town (shout out: Providence, RI) where there was access to excellent freeform radio stations. One run by Brown University, and others you could reach from the Boston area.

I listen to music…

There are numerous features which smartwatch users will love, or learn to love. But, as a Pebble wearer for more than two years, I can assure you that the ultimate smartwatch hook is the simple notification stream from your phone. Once you can see notifications right there on your wrist, you will have a hard time not wearing a smartwatch ever again.

Where to get started?

So, I walked up to my son when he was on the computer (he’s usually playing around in Minecraft). He was trying to find a programming course and had found a site (Tech Rocket) where the first course was in Python. …

I recently ran into a disk size issue when working in Vagrant. Vagrant, by default, creates a 10GB space for storage but I needed to resize to 50GB in order to sync with my Dropbox account.

I have tried using the detailed guide here, but have not been able to…

Laravel has a wonderful package system which allows you to build plugins for your sites and apps. A CMS package I am developing is being used on 4 different sites. Sometimes I need to make changes to the package which are very specific to the site I am working on…

Ben Hirsch

Co-founder and Lead Developer at http://www.locally.com (@locally)

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