I love freeform radio. And I had been missing it, until now.

I grew up in a college town (shout out: Providence, RI) where there was access to excellent freeform radio stations. One run by Brown University, and others you could reach from the Boston area.

I listen to music all day, every day, while I work. Spotify is a blessing. But only when you know what you want to listen to or are willing to listen to uninterrupted, algorithmically-generated playlists. …

There are numerous features which smartwatch users will love, or learn to love. But, as a Pebble wearer for more than two years, I can assure you that the ultimate smartwatch hook is the simple notification stream from your phone. Once you can see notifications right there on your wrist, you will have a hard time not wearing a smartwatch ever again.

Where to get started?

So, I walked up to my son when he was on the computer (he’s usually playing around in Minecraft). He was trying to find a programming course and had found a site (Tech Rocket) where the first course was in Python. There were other courses for iOS (obj-c), Java, and C++.

We didn’t have time to look at the Python course. But we’re already excited to check it out tomorrow. Hopefully I will find enough time to write about it ☺

We also took a look at CodeAcademy, a company I have a a lot of respect for. They were the first company to really ‘mainstream’ programming education. They made it palatable for an adult or young adult to learn how to code. However, their terms of service say you must be at least 13 to follow their courses, so… oh well. …

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