2.0 PhishTrain Update Features

Text Message Phishing

PhishTrain is setting out to expand the scope of phishing simulation by including text message phishing. Phishes will be sent to employee cell phones and work similarly to email phishes. However, with text message phishing, PhishTrain can track replies and monitor interaction on a more personal level.

Phone Call Phishing

A series of templates have been made to simulate scam phone calls that are becoming increasingly common in the United States. On top of that, users can type their own message to be read by a robot. Tracked is if the target picks up, call back, or enter numbers on the keypad.

Outlook Extension

When an employee stumbles across a possible phishing email, they can use our new extension to send the email directly to their IT department. Our extension works by simply clicking a button to report suspected phishing emails.

Homepage Improvements

Our new login page now matches our homepage theme. The navbar has been reworked to improve user experience navigating PhishTrain. New pages have also been created which outline all of the new features involved in 2.0.

Dashboard Improvements

Various improvements across the platform’s dashboard allows for easier navigation.

-Team PhishTrain

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