2.2 PhishTrain Update Features

Oct 12, 2016 · 1 min read

PhishTrain is proud to unveil Version 2.2! This update provides some necessary tweaks to the dashboard and underlying system before our big UI redesign push in the upcoming weeks.

Speed Enhancements

Enrolling users and designating them groups is now much quicker with refactoring and better GLS API integration.

API Key Verification

If the user chooses to input GLS API keys, the page alerts the user that the keys were either valid or invalid upon page submission.

Sync from GLS Improvements

Now upon clicking the Sync with GLS button on the PhishTrain dashboard, both users and GLS groups are transferred over.

Easy Phone Numbers

We have added a new country code selector in front of every field that asks for a phone number to be input. This allows for much more concise insertion of phone numbers as well as making it easier to determine users who have international numbers.

Bug Fixes and Refactoring

Overall refactoring has help enhance the preformance of the platform and eliminate small bugs.

-Team PhishTrain


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