Stay #CyberSafe over the Holidays!

Follow these quick cyber security tips for holiday shopping to stay #CyberSafe!

  1. Scrutinize any unexpected communications or solicitations requesting money or personal information received by email or advertised via social media.
  2. Research charities thoroughly before donating. Doing so not only protects you from scams, but also enables you to identify charities that do the most good with your donations.
  3. Verify the mobile apps you use for your holiday shopping. Be wary of apps with lots of negative reviews, spelling errors and pop-ups.
  4. Be aware of phishing schemes that mimic shipping confirmations and status updates. These schemes increase during the holiday season.
  5. Pay with a credit card instead of a debit card as credit card companies more easily enable you to dispute fraudulent charges.
  6. Do not click links from emails or websites to visit online retailers. Instead, type their URL directly into your browser.
  7. Review your bank and credit card statements closely for any suspicious or unexpected transactions.
  8. Be wary of free Wi-Fi during the holiday travel season.

-Team PhishTrain

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