The World Yells at Me and I Laugh in Amazement.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.”
- Henry Ford

The world speaks to me.

Sometimes it actually yells in my face and I laugh in amazement of it’s insight.

When I’m on the righteous path to my destiny, everything works seamlessly and effortlessly. When I stray from the direction the world is leading me and begin making decisions I know aren’t right, everything becomes difficult- I mean everything.

From my bike getting stolen, to forgetting my computer charger, to losing my wallet… Life becomes so hard when I make bad choices.

And it’s not as if I don’t know when I’m making these bad choices.

I know with all my heart that I shouldn’t be chatting up this lovely lady that I know is horrible for me… Life begins to crumble.

I know with all my heart that I shouldn’t be making this business partnership with someone I have a bad gut feeling on… Life begins to crumble.

I know with all my heart that this guy is only friending me up because he wants something I have… Life begins to crumble.

The world doesn’t think, it listens.

When we speak with our emotions and intuition we send signals out into the world. We end up receiving exactly what we send out.

I once dated a girl that was drop dead gorgeous. She got me all hot and bothered by simply looking at me. I wanted her so bad. And I got her.

The problem was that my gut always told me something wasn’t right and that we should have simply stayed friends. Well, life has a way of kicking me in my ass and before I knew it so much time had passed and once again… Life began to crumble.

Maybe if I were sending out a message that “I knew it would work out” and that I would do anything and everything to make it work, it would have. But then again maybe not.

All I know at this point in my life is that every time I think big and know for certain that I’ll be successful no matter what the cost, it happens. Every time I think to myself a nugget of doubt as to whether I will pull it off in my venture or project, I always struggle.

I once heard that our thoughts control our emotions and our emotions dictate our actions. The reality that it all begins in our minds couldn’t be more true.

We are living our destiny through the thoughts in our minds. Think big and you’ll live big. Think small and you’ll live small.

You decide.

Patrick Hitches

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