Growing up in the city of Port Harcourt, I lived in an area where we had electric power for almost 24 hours a day. I could lazily go to bed, without the thought of ironing the cloths I needed to wear the next day. In my mind "Light go dey now".

Back then, mummy had a big freezer. With adequate power supply, there were times it was totally frozen. Frost and fridge-sized icebergs everywhere. So my mum would disconnect it from power, put it outside and allow it to "defroze".

Minutes into hours, then the large chunk of iceblocks will take a new matter form, liquid. Water. Especially those that found a way to escape being licked for fun. Wait, who no lick iceblocks when him dey small? So the freezer will "defroze" ,blocks will become water and then the fridge will come back to room temperature. At that point it’s not even a freezer cos it can’t freeze anything.

Two days ago, my body defroze.

The food blocks in my body, decided to change matter form and come out in liquid. Natural showers. Mehn! I don’t even know maybe it was because of adequate power abi na food supply, but my body reacted to the quality of power it received.

Like the freezer, it disconnected. No appetite. I couldn't eat ,couldn't work;was weak (couldn't freeze) and my body returned to normal room temperature.

Then I appreciated those large chunks people laugh at in the ceramic heaven.

It starts with a rumble, your legs tumble in speed to the other room, wait not the other other room oh,then there is a tremble...temporary relief.

Fast forward, after two days of blessed memory. The freezer is back on.

We can work.

Today, I tried and it came out in chunks, see Joy.

This freezer is one I don't want to defroze oh.

Where the light sef?