This post was originally published on the Career Foundry blog on October 13th, 2016 and given in the form of a talk in 2014.

There are many different aspects of the User Experience Design process. In fact, the terminology of User Experience Design and what it encompasses is often debated.

Regardless of what specific elements are involved in UX for software development, there is a design challenge that needs a solution. There is always a point in the decision making process where the designer must consider using data or educated estimations when designing software. …

There is something happening within industries outside of the technology space that is a great thing for design.

There was a time where convincing a software development team that bringing on a designer in the early stages of the development process was a very difficult task. Now, we are starting to see the ratio between developers and designers on software teams small and large become closer to 1:1 (one can be optimistic).

The logic behind the increased number of designers, however, does not stem from the software engineers directly understanding the art of design. In fact, where would we be…


UX Focused Software Development

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