The Design of the Miss Universe Card was Fine
David Kadavy

Sorry, you miss the single important design flaw here. I’ve been doing similar kinds of event hosting for 30 years and one thing GLARED at me the moment I saw this.

Font size.

In the position that Steve Harvey was working he needed to be able to clearly see the information AT A GLANCE. No one wants to see him “reading” the card. You glance down, see what you want and glance back up in less than a second. Can’t do that with this.

All of the print should be the size of the “Miss Universe 2015” with the winners names below and offset to clearly highlight the info. That way there is no way a pro makes the mistake.

Meanwhile at least one early report says that the teleprompter (which would have been his primary information source) was flat out wrong.

The card was, in fact, badly designed from a user’s point of view.

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