[Movement 5] Dialogue on the Meaning of Life

A: I have found my meaning to live. If reincarnation exists and wisdom can be passed on to the next lifetime, I want to grow intellectually and spiritually by learning the most I can in this lifetime.

B: And if reincarnation does not exist?

A: It cannot be. At least, I cannot conceive it not to exist. The universe appears to have a tendency to run in cycles. Each of us cannot just happen to appear at birth and disappear at death. Furthermore, reincarnation explains inequality at birth.

B: Suppose tomorrow, someone proves that reincarnation does not exists.

A: If that happens, I prefer to disappear as there is no meaning to live.

B: I despise your point of view. You are implying that no one can live without a meaning.

A: Of course, without a meaning, there is no motivation to all our actions.

B: What about an animal, does it knows its meaning to live?

A: … Perhaps it does.

B: What about a rock, does it knows its meaning to exists?

A: … Perhaps….

B: Alright, then, what about a drop of water? Does it recognize its insignificance at the depth of an ocean, yet it still decides to maintain its existence just like all the other billions and trillions drops of water that together made the ocean a complex living system of beauty and wonder?

A: … I supposed it may.

B: Why can meaning not simply be the joy of existing and observing the world around us?

A: Because I need a feedback for all my actions. I need to understand my significance of being here.

B: Then you are simply looking for pride and approval.

A: I am positive that everyone seeks to know the meaning of our existence. It provides us coherence in our mind, completeness in ourselves and authenticity in our actions. Anyone faced with tasks, challenges and losses that they have never wished to encounter will start questioning about existence.

B: I disagree. For instance, I do not need any motive to feel coherent, complete and authentic. It suffices to see the people who also live without a meaning, but capable of experiencing self-satisfaction and happiness although they are constantly faced with unwelcome circumstances. It is from the heart that you feel the weight of life, not from logical reasoning.

A: For you, the meaning to live is because others live.

B: Even if I were born in a world with no other, I will still live my life and see what will unfold.

A: Then, the meaning to live is to see the future.

B: Even if there is no change, I will still live my life.

A: Why?

B: Why not? It’s a personal choice. What more I can gain from a self-inflicted death? Expiration will come eventually anyway.

A: Then the meaning to live is to wait for death?

B: From your reasoning, there will always be a logical reason to live in whatever argument I say.

A: Because everything is comprehensible. Either you live because you can feel the happiness of others who live, or you are curious about the future, or you do not have a reason to die. Or these are all your reasons.

B: Then, may I ask you why you believe so much in reincarnation? Why is it comprehensible to you?

A: … I just naturally believe it, as if I have already reincarnated many many times. Its existence is carved into my soul.

B: Voila! I am certain that you do have full awareness of your circular reasoning. Your natural belief is simply an feeling, an emotional experience that cannot be translated into any valid logical argument. You live because you feel that reincarnation exists, and you believe that is the reason of your existence. As long as you can feel it, you will continue to exist. There is no external meaning, no universal truth at all. It is purely illogical. And now I tell you that that I live because I feel that I am indeed living and I am enjoying it.

A: You enjoy it even when facing hardships?

B: Even when facing hardships, for the variation and diversity of emotions are what make me feel that I am living my life to the fullest.

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