Working in a completely open problem space is, among other things, an exercise in self control. When you’re a designer and you get the chance to invent freely, it is natural to jump onto the most interesting problems first, which are often the ones that can be solved through clever design. …

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The web is central to our lives — we probably spend more time in our browsers than in our beds. It has changed the way we do so many things — how we communicate, plan, shop, learn, work, and watch movies. At first, browsing, surfing, or going online was a particular activity; now, the web has melted into everyday life. It has evolved, and the web is now simply part of how we live.

Our behaviours have changed as well. We have moved significant portions of our lives into the cloud, mobile phones have become our most important touch point with technology, and social media and messaging apps have risen to ubiquity. …

Philipp Sackl

Managing Product Design at @Firefox by day, curating @push_conf at night.

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