Never Read The Comments
Sarah Adler

I guess what I’m most interested to know is what’s Jack Rhodes story. What’s his real problem, is he worth his pay, aren’t there millions of us looking for good careers, how spoiled can he be to want to pick his boss. Code he has created is not immediately apparent, but that’s true for many of us out here.

I assume that making comments like his don’t add much to the working environment. I assume that since he is so competent he can go somewhere else and work, since he’s unfulfilled there.

I mean really. I’ve worked for a lot of people who were less competent than me (even if that was the case), and leadership doesn’t have much to do with it. Sounds like you should pull a “teach the class then” on him and switch places for a week. It’d be funny and it might enlighten him as to why he is where he is and why you are where you are.

I’m rambling. This pisses me off though. If all you say is true, then fuck Jack Rhodes. You built out your platform and he’s helping to engineer on top of what you built and in some dream world, this fucker thinks he’s being wronged. As if it were compulsory!

Blah blah blah.

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