Adam Fagen/Flickr

You should never agree #012

Thursday, April 13th, 2017. The weather was pretty warm today, just like it has been the hole week, which tells me it won't be so good in the weekend. Not much else can be said about today, though. To not take the day for granted I went to a new hipster coffee place I did't know.


Nobody likes it when other people disagree with us. Sometimes it's simply because we are wrong, but some subjects (like politics or sports) don't have simple right/wrong answers and so we'll always disagree on certain topics. To avoid conflict, we surround ourselves with people with similar opinions and create a safe zone from arguments we dislike — a social bubble. And we do that either because we get angry or scared from what we disagree.

The problem is that if we never put disparate ideas into direct conflict, we might never come up with a solution or even a consensual middle-ground that could help us move forward. An idea is worth nothing if you never share it. And knowledge only progresses when ideas are debated.

What I try to do is to always listen to what people are saying, mostly when I disagree with them, because if I already agree nothing happens, but if I disagree there are three possible outcomes: (1) we disagree and I can counter-point, (2) we find a middle-ground that makes more sense then the original sides or (3) I realize I'm wrong and learn something.

There is nothing new to this. The problem is that we sometimes forget to listen to the other side because our bubbles are so comfortable. But we won't progress if we don't move. When in doubt remember this phrase: listen, you might be wrong.

Always disagree.