Ben Duchac/Unsplash

Good company changes everything #042

Sunday, May 14th, 2017. Happy Mother's Day! Another full day of little trips around town. It was a lot o fun but I can clearly see we are getting tired of walking. So, Sunday had more sitting in parks and eating ice cream the tourism per se.


This will be a very short post. I just want to point out the huge difference it makes to have good company around you. It makes the experience change everytime.

When you travel to some place alone it's mostly about your perceptions and the place itself. When ou are with someone you like, it's mostly about them. About sharing the different perspectives you get from the place.

Simple things like spending all day sitting in a park or going to that same bar you always go is definitely worth it when you do it with interesting people.

After all, it's all mostly about connections, right?