Giannis Arvanitakis/Flickr

The good side of antisocial #043

Monday, May 15th, 2017. Weekend is over. Trips are done. Parents are gone. Back to the regular routine. After four straight days of waking up early, staying all day travelling and getting back home late, I just want to be alone and randomly click stuff online for a while — it's Monday, though.


I've written about this before: sometimes being alone is good. It's a way of relaxing and letting your brain sink in the information you get everyday. It's not really about being alone, but about being with yourself.

We are social beings and being with people is part of what defines us. Interactions are part of our daily lives. When we get away and isolate every once in a while it's good because it gives us time to reflect upon our social being and the importance of our connections. It's mostly meditation.

Of course, being antisocial for long is really bad — we need others to be ourselves — but being surrounded by other people all the time is also not healthy. We need to be antisocial sometimes, for our own sanity.

Hide. Sometimes.