Google / Unity divorce?

3 significant facts make me think of this:

  • UE4 secured future Daydream support from Google. Unity?
  • The Google Cardboard SDK for Unity to GVR switch was done in a way where everything on Unity is broken with deep consequences.
  • Unity 5. 4 VR Mode make some components of GVR obsolete (see my previous post on Medium).

The first fact alone means “you (and Google) can do without Unity”. The second one means “time to switch if you want to follow up”. The third means “we (Unity) can do VR without Google”.

The problem is it also means “start from scratch again” for Unity developers for Cardboard, or choose to focus on other VR platforms.

To develop the second point, you might have notice the 0.8 changelog stating just 2 name changes:

  • Cardboard GvrViewer class
  • Cardboard.SDK GvrViewer.Instance singleton

Not big deal you might think … well, after pulling my hair with other home made scripts I diff all the C# scripts between 0.7 and 0.8 and I count 23 other changes so far. I might develop a Unity asset just to fix.

You can’t diff the changes on Github because filenames were changed too, resulting in new and removed files, not line changes. This could have been committed in 2 steps to help track changes … but it was pushed in one commit. Is there any message from Google to Unity devs?

Unity package system is clever to replace names of folders and files, this helped make a manual diff.

I guess I’m not alone pulling my hair to make things work again, and wonder about the future if I want to develop for all VR marketplaces at once.