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We all are working towards some financial goal like paying off existing loans, planning for child’s higher education or down payment for your dream home even though we may not have written it down.

COVID-2019 uncertainties have helped us to focus on priorities and by formalising our plan we can really do the math to achieve our goals.

Essential ingredients of your financial plan:

1) Expense Management: COVID-2019 has taught us that there are certain expenses that are really wasteful and can easily be avoided. …

Loan moratorium now stands extended to Aug 31 2020 from existing May 31 2020 as per latest RBI guidelines. The focus of moratorium 2.0 is to provide a relief to Banks / NBFCs by delaying NPA recognition for 6 months and also to most vulnerable group of people like self-employed & people working for worst affected sectors like hospitality.

But should a retail customer really avail this? The answer is simple there are no free lunches and customer should opt for it only if he is willing to bear the costs. Let’s discuss this in details.

First of all, this…

We have completed 40 days of lockdown due to COVID-2019 pandemic and now entering the 3rd phase. While there will be more relaxations in future but we now need to live with the new normal — SOCIAL DISTANCING, CONTACTLESS & DIGITAL OPERATIONS.

Lending institutions have been worse hit operationally specially the smaller ones who cater to lower income segments and SMEs as their operations requires regular physical interaction with clients for underwriting and collections.

So, while currently demand for loan Is on a rise but it is becoming difficult for institutions to underwrite them and manage collections.

In order to…

With advancements in technology World has become a global village. The ability to travel anywhere in the World, the ability to communicate with anyone are the reasons our World is shrinking. While this has created tremendous opportunities over the last few decades there has always been a potential threat of Contagion economically as well as medically. COVID-2019 is one such perils of globalization.

The first case of this highly contagious disease was detected on Dec 8 2019 in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province of China. …

The saying goes ‘there’s an app for everything these days’, and it is true. There really is an app for everything these days, getting married? there’s an app for that, want new furniture? there’s an app for that, want supplies for your pet? There’s an app for that too! The future is getting closer, and technology is growing faster than we can compute.

So, it’s no wonder that loans are available on apps too now. Ease and accessibility are the two things that bring any service to your fingertips, on your phone, so why should loans be any different. If…

They don’t come around very often, but when long weekends do happen you know it’s time for a mini break. Everyone waits for the three day weekends, and every year we mark those days on our calendars on January 1st itself. However, when the long weekends do actually roll around, we have to scramble to get our finances in order so we can, in fact, enjoy them.

You might think a credit card is better than a personal loan, but we are here to tell you why you need a travel loan: long weekend edition!

  1. Instant & Easy Application: The…

It’s no hidden fact that Indians love their gold and have a propensity for buying gold more than anything else. The fact that Indian housewives own 11% of the world’s gold (more than gold reserves of a lot of countries) is evidence of the fact that Indians love owning gold. The purpose of owning gold is for more than just vanity; gold owners can easily avail loans/finances against their gold jewellery. But, just how feasible are gold loans exactly? Are personal loans better than gold loans?

Here’s are 5 reasons why personal loans are better than gold loans!

  1. More Stable…

Summer is here, and the scorching heat brings with itself the need for a much-needed break from everything. Schools & colleges are closing down for summer vacation, and this is the perfect time to wind down. With the ever increasing travel options available to us, traveling to far and wide places has never been closer to us. A scarcity of funds can throw a wrench in your plans to make new memories.

But why wait, when you can easily avail an online summer travel loan to your favorite destination instead?

Here are 5 reasons why you need a summer travel…

Summer’s finally here, and while it is a respite from the freezing cold weather the sweltering heat comes with its own expenses, especially with gadgets. In winters you can get away with just a heater and warm clothing, summers, on the other hand, need fans, AC/Coolers, refrigerators working at all times in good condition.

Even if you are just having them repaired, the expenses on gadgets and appliances in summers mount up, and today we’re telling 5 reasons why you need an appliance loan!

  1. Interest Rates: Most people tend to make these heavy appliance purchases with their credit cards, which…

It’s no secret that when anyone has any questions or they want to know about something, the first thing they look up to is their phone; the advent of technology has seen a radical shift in the go-to place for their issues. Whether it’s finding a new place to eat at or finding out the details of the hobby they want to pursue, small details are googled and there is always some mobile app helping in providing the desired product or services. When it comes to millennials, the dependence on mobile apps is at a larger extent and now we…

Phocket - Instant Access to Cash

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