Promoting Financial Wellness at Workplace

  • Losing sleep over financial worries inevitably affecting his physical health
  • Failing to pay bills on time affecting his credit score
  • Inability to save for emergencies
  • Decreased productivity and quality of work due to incessant financial pressure
  • Fulfill the paucity of sudden funds faced by employees because of Medical Emergency, Credit Card, EMI, School Fee, Rent Payments, Traveling and Shopping, Festival Celebration, Two Wheeler Down Payment, etc)
  • Convenient for Freshers and new joinees (Relocation, Security Deposit, Brokerage etc.)
  • Hassle Free Official Travel without worrying about Reimbursement
  • Reduced Interest rate of 2% per month (calculated on daily basis) and Very Relaxed Credit Worthiness Checks with instant approval and disbursement
  • Employee welfare without incurring any extra cost with zero liability of recovery on the organization
  • Enhances overall hygiene factor of the organization and Happiness Quotient of Employees



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