13 reasons why I will never apologise for calling out so called “health” professionals who literally advocate “death”

(and why my dad might still be alive today…)

Alex Rozensteins

On the 4th of January 2012 my father took his own life.

The doctors said he needed a stent. A stent is a small wire mesh tube inserted into one of the arteries that supply blood to the heart.

He didn’t want the surgery. He was determined to not die in hospital.

In the end he got his wish.

The doctors never told him why he might need one of his coronary arteries cut open. They never told him the root cause of the artery clog. They never mentioned anything about food…

Earlier this year some dude who calls himself a “nutritionist” online tried to get me fired after I called him out for advocating a low-carbohydrate, high-animal-fat and high-animal-protein diet as “healthy” on local radio.

I won’t mention his name here but let’s just say that when you google his name it comes up with a single 1 star review of his practice (and no it’s not from me).

He wanted me to publicly apologise for hurting his feelings on the interwebs.

So here it is buddy:

I am sorry I lost my cool dude. There I said it. But listen, I will never apologise for calling out so called “health” professionals who literally advocate death disguised as medical advice.

It is advice like this that killed my father. I have no doubt about that.

Here are 13 reasons why I will never apologise:

1. Bacon

Yes, it really is killing us.

2. Science

“The only use of a ketogenic diet that is clearly medically justified is to treat refractory seizures in select cases, mostly in children.”

3. Unnecessary surgery

“He found that stents for stable patients prevent zero heart attacks and extend the lives of patients a grand total of not at all.”

4. Real nutritionists

The 10 healthiest foods according to 17 real nutritionists.

5. Animal fat = bad. Plant fat = good

“If you are truly concerned about preserving good health over all, focus on a Mediterranean-style diet heavy on plant foods and unsaturated vegetable oils, with whole grains like brown rice and bulgur, fruits and vegetables as the main sources of carbohydrates.”

6. Low-carb diets are literally bullshit science

Fad diets that promote high-fat & high-protein intake have long been debunked and have been shown to be extremely dangerous.

“The keto diet should not be viewed as a casual diet for anybody to be trying. It should be viewed as a very dangerous treatment with well-documented adverse effects.”

7. Keto kills

“There is exactly zero scientific evidence that a keto diet is conducive to longevity & longstanding vitality — unlike a plant-centric diet, the foundation of the longest-lived people on earth.”

8. Most people are eating an unhealthy amount of protein

“A lot of this work was supported by the food animal industry in the US, which was all for getting people to eat more meat,” Sanders says. “But then it was shown that, by eating a variety of plant-based foods, you can get all the amino acids you need, and the theory was debunked by 1972.”

9. A whole-foods plant-based diet is the only diet that is proven to reverse heart disease

“A whole food, plant-based (WFPB) diet can prevent, delay, or even reverse the progression of atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries due to plaque build-up) and development of coronary artery disease, and reduce the risk for heart attack.”

10. Eating a low-carb ketogenic diet significantly increases your risk for chronic disease and premature death

Again, low-carb fad diets are just junk science and are extremely dangerous and can literally kill you.

11. This short film

By far the most inspiring thing I’ve ever seen on the Internet. Just watch it.

“Over the next year, just by going on walks, playing together, and eating plant-based food, Eric lost 140 pounds, and Peety lost 25. As a result, Eric reversed his diabetes, got off all medication, and became happy and healthy for the first time in his life, eventually reconnecting with and marrying his high school sweetheart.”

12. The sponsors of major health organisations

The foods that are killing us have literally taken over the health organisations that are supposed to give us dietary advice.

“To have these organizations receive money from companies whose products are directly linked with the causes of these diseases is a major conflict of interest.”

13. Animal agriculture is completely unsustainable

Health concerns aside it is absolutely irresponsible for someone to be advocating eating more of exactly what is killing the health of our planet.

If only my dad had known.

If only I’d known all the things I know today. If only I had known to encourage him to try a whole-foods plant-based diet. My father would be alive today.

And now you know.

So, never let anyone stop you from calling these people out or trying to educate them. Show them compassion, but never let them spout their harmful views unabated to a vulnerable public.

Be strong and fight for a healthier future for all our loved ones.

This one’s for you Dad. You lived an amazing life and left this world the way that you wanted, at peace and at home, with no pain. I just wish we had more time together. You taught me so much about life, the universe, and everything.

Thank you Alex ❤

~Joshua Byrd

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