The Games We Play

Yesterday, after the book sale, we had earlier planned to eat out over at Southbank Parklands. However, that thought only came to our heads a little after we had just already paid for our parking on the machine upstairs. So we all left for Francine & Simon’s place, deciding instead to stop somewhere on the way back to pick up lunch.

That afternoon we played Pictionary and Simpsons Cluedo. I’d only played Pictionary once before and had forgotten how great it was, observing the frustration of the drawer frantically trying to stir up objects and actions in their partners mind with their various scrawling on the paper.

Even more games were to follow that night at the Chermside bowling alley and obligatory video game arcade right next to it, shooting people on the screen, striking pins down the lane. I wonder what it is that draws us to these places, to play these games, to perform these arbitrary pursuits. The excitement, the competition? Or perhaps it’s just the flashing colours and disco balls.

Disco Bowling