Did you read Audrey Gelman’s apology?

Biggest takeaway for me was, “I sought to prove it was possible for young women to be just as successful in blitzscaling a business as men…

Gelman was apologizing for her leadership after stepping down as CEO of The Wing a few months ago, but even if she were 100% brilliant at her job, “blitzscaling” a business is a bobsleigh to failure for almost everyone who tries.

In his Blitzscaling Toolkit, Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn co-founder and exec chairman) defines the practice as “exchanging careful planning with rapid guesstimates, investing inefficiently instead of cautiously, and letting some fires burn…because the risk…

Part One: A High-Level Introduction to the Content Strategist

Who’s this for?

This guide is for any project team (UX, design, brand, marketing, etc.) that’s unfamiliar with Content Strategy as a discipline. For a little more background, you can read an overview to the whole guide here.

This is Part One of an ongoing series. It’s an introduction to Content Strategists as team members and how they’re foundational to any project.

Who is the Content Strategist?

  1. They’re usually writers so they think and work like artists.

Many Content Strategists start out as copywriters, and copywriters are often screenwriters, essayists or…

Why I’m building a user guide for designers, devs, product folks, and other stakeholders.

You can jump to Part One of the Guide here.

I recently wrapped up a project with an agency I’d never worked with before. They needed a Content Strategist because their client said they needed a Content Strategist, and the agency didn’t have a CS team. This is usually fine — most Content Strategists are used to being a team of one, and if they’re working with an open, collaborative, and organized team, things can go swimmingly.

The agency also mentioned they didn’t have a strong…

This image is captioned solely for layout reasons.

Happy Friday. Here’s a list of things I’ve found to provide seconds-to-entire minutes of cozy, relaxing and reaffirming feelings during The End of the World. Dare I call it self-care? No, it’s a list of micro-actions that might help one feel a little more like a person, rather than a boxed-up face that lives on Zoom.

Meditation stuff
For trying to fall asleep at night, go to Mary Maddux of Meditation Oasis. She has the soothing voice I imagine a Waldorf-pre-school teacher to have, and lulls me into total relaxationnnnnnn byyyyeeee…

For a more centered, seize-the-day vibe, there are Tara…

Kara Swisher gave Mark Zuckerberg a spanking in the Times and warned that if he didn’t clean up his act (i.e., ban hate speech from the platform and censor Donald Trump), “we” would be leaving. It’s a symbolic statement that should be…stated, I guess, but nowhere near a real threat unless “we” actually means the 1.6 billion users on the platform. Or half that. A quarter? Even a measly one million sounds like an impossible secession.

In his 2018 book, Jaron Lanier outlines 10 arguments for quitting social media. As a written piece of work it’s not very good, so…

When I was a 22-year old music marketing person in L.A., the company I worked for had a big party for the release of our first print magazine (may both rest in peace) with an open bar. We invited all the interns, and one of them — an awkward, quiet, and kinda-weird dude in the office — got shithoused and nearly knocked me over when he stumbled into me with an unquestionable boner in his pants and slurred in my ear, “I’d get on anything right now.”

I was flattered to qualify as a “thing” worthy of him mounting, but…

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