JOY Leggings — A Digital Marketing Case Study

1. Introduction

A Brief

Joy Leggings

2. Customers Always Come First

Understand Your Audience

Competitor Analysis and Positioning map

Target Personas

3. Know Your Business

Value Proposition

SWOT Analysis


4. Marketing Objectives & KPIs

Digital Marketing Measurement Model (DMMM)

Google Analytics Implementation

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Keyword Research

Joy Leggings Keyword List sort by Priority (exported from Moz)

On-Page SEO

Screenshot of source code view of title tag and meta description

Technical SEO

Google Page Speed Insights
GT Metrix

Off-Page SEO

Moz Link Explorer

6. Social Media and Content Strategy

Profile Optimization

Joy Leggings Business Facebook Page

Content Planning

Instagram Post scheduled Nov 6th
Facebook Post scheduled Nov 2nd

Social Listening

Influencer — US Nursing Student

Post-Scheduling and Automation

Joy Leggings Social Media Content Calendar for November 2019
Hootsuite post schedule for the first half month of November 2019



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