a garden

who decided
that one held more value
one would be plucked for display
while the other to the waste bin
one would be nurtured
while the other stifled in its growth

who decided
Bellis perennis, Taraxacum officinale, Daucus carota
were lesser than
Zantedeschia, Delphinium consolida, Paeonia
true beauties and utter nuisances 
merit and disgrace

who decided
fertility and evolutionary advantage 
became a burden, a target
just living is a crime

The word alone
Weed, weed, weed.
Such a negative connotation 
Such a bad taste in your mouth
But who made this so

Trifolium repens are the flower crowns of my childhood
Daucus carota are lovely little buds that go in my hair
As I walk along the path to my house
Forgotten by most, not seen by many
Just another weed

A plant whose virtue has not yet been discovered
but I have found it
I have

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