Andela Bootcamp

It’s my first day at the Andela Bootcamp and its challenging, (the word I would use). I have had a lot of challenges but if i had to choose the most challenging one would be learning to use all the new developing environments with no prior experience. Although I can see their importance, it doesn’t make it any easier.

Lets start with pivotal tracker, this is a tool which helps in organizing your projects. At first glance, it seems harmless but the challenging part is when you have to break down your project into stories, tasks, features and the like. It requires you have the initiative to know how to do this which proved difficult to me.

Another is Github. Most experienced programmers know this very well and they can do it in their sleep but i am not most programmers. Though studying the tutorials and the videos has helped a lot( and I mean, a lot) in me making any headway using it. Here you can put your projects and develop them as well as making changes to them without necessarily changing the project itself. If you are a serious programmer (or aspire to be one), I would recommend this tool.

There’s no shortage of challenges I have faced today but then again, fire does temper steel. They just need a little time.

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