Testing IBC relayers on LikeCoin chain public Testnet. Further developing ISCN object to represent each registered ISCN using algorithm art. ISCN batch upload tool is available to users who are looking to register content in batch!

LikeCoin chain statistics‌

(Difference from 2021.08.30)

Block Explorer: https://likecoin.bigdipper.live/

If you had the superpower to make a piece of content last forever, what would it be? Welcome and be part of the Decentralized Publishing era.

On January 3, 2009, Bitcoin was born. Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the following text in the first genesis block of Bitcoin, “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of a second bailout for banks”, which explained the meaning of Bitcoin in one sentence.

Following the LikeCoin chain FoTan upgrade, the first registered ISCN — A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace, written by John Perry Barlow, became the genesis content on LikeCoin chain FoTan. The content was recorded at block height 26 on August 18, 2021 at 21:34:05 (GMT+8). And the record will remain and be maintained by the global, decentralized LikeCoin…

Visit the brand new LikeCoin website on Decentralized Publishing. All like.co services are now upgraded to the FoTan chain.

LikeCoin chain statistics‌

(Difference from 2021.08.16)

Block Explorer: https://likecoin.bigdipper.live/

  • Historical data: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16vCOjhdeSwumnB9YBVLEdG-9KjJMRytwzRf6peaVGKs/edit?usp=sharing
  • Number of addresses: 23,099 (+313)
  • Number of transactions: since the chain is upgraded, the old transaction counts are lost, and the new software does not provide transaction count, so from now the number of transactions will not be presented.
  • Number of delegated LIKE: ~745,960,000 (-26,750,000), 70.87% of total supply
  • Number of migrated LIKE: ~756,820,000, migration progress: 86.49% …

Here is an update about what we are working on for the post-Mainnet development & the expectations for users.

LikeCoin chain — FoTan Upgrade Success

Thank you to all the validators who joined the FoTan upgrade with us last week! Welcome to the new phase of LikeCoin and co-build the future of Decentralized Publishing.

(For Mainnet validators who did not participate in the upgrade last week, your node is currently jailed until you complete the upgrade.)

Migrating LikeCoin related services to the new Mainnet

The majority of the LikeCoin services are now back to normal. Including wallet services on Liker land and Keplr wallet, plugins on WordPress and other media sites, and other…

The biggest upgrade of the LikeCoin chain is going live tomorrow! New features include ISCN (metadata registry) and Cosmos Stargate with IBC (cross-chain transactions) will come to reality.

LikeCoin is anticipating a major chain upgrade event tomorrow. All LikeCoin validators will gather and upgrade the LikeCoin Mainnet to FoTan. The LikeCoin chain service will be suspended during the upgrade process and will resume after the upgrade is completed.

FoTan upgrade will improve major areas of LikeCoin:

  1. ISCN: Officially become a native module on the LikeCoin chain, making the LikeCoin chain an application-specific blockchain focused on serving content and publishing.
  2. Supports IBC (Inter Blockchain Communication): Open up opportunities on…

Public testnet upgraded to fotan-1 software successfully on 28 July. The ISCN Dapp MVP coming to shape.

LikeCoin chain statistics‌

(Difference from 2021.07.19)

Block Explorer: https://likecoin.bigdipper.live/

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LikeCoin chain Upgrade Timeline

We are upgrading LikeCoin to pave the future of Decentralized Publishing. Introducing FoTan — the first major LikeCoin chain upgrade. FoTan will enable Cosmos Stargate with IBC (cross-chain transactions), new publishing feature ISCN (metadata registry), and much more.

We had successfully conducted a Testnet upgrade with 20 validators last week. Thank you to the validators who joined us; it was a great experience! The Mainnet upgrade proposal raised by sixwood is now in the voting period. There will be…

Exciting week to kick off the chain upgrade process! Public testnet for the sheungwan-fotan upgrade is now online. Product team also launched the first metadata registry prototype. You can also register Liker ID with Keplr wallet!

LikeCoin chain statistics‌

(Difference from 2021.07.05)

Block Explorer: https://likecoin.bigdipper.live/

LikeCoin Upgrade Public Testnet Launch & Preparations for FoTan Mainnet

Join the #validators channel.

The community is proud to announce the launch of the final version of the LikeCoin chain Testnet (after rounds of internal testing) before the much-awaited launch of LikeCoin chain FoTan— Mainnet next month! The team has been building and testing the code diligently and now would like to invite the validator community to test and incorporate their feedback.

The latest Testnet launch will allow validators to test out the migration scripts and simulate FoTan upgrade. Once everything is successfully tested, we will move towards launching the FoTan Mainnet. (Read more about the FoTan upgrade)

To ensure…

We are upgrading LikeCoin to pave the future of Decentralized Publishing. Introducing FoTan, the first major LikeCoin chain upgrade. FoTan will enable Cosmos Stargate with IBC (cross-chain transactions), new feature ISCN (metadata registry), and much more.

Update: Mainnet Upgrade is scheduled on Wednesday, 18th Aug. Technical documents are now ready to view. Join the #validators channel.

LikeCoin to pave the future of Decentralized Publishing

The LikeCoin chain has been live for more than one year now with 50 active validators onboard, over 21,000 addresses, and more than 1,186,000 transactions happening on-chain. Thanks to all validators, who have been busy growing their server operations and participate in the chain governance. Over 770mil LIKE (74.32% of total supply LIKE) has been staked and delegated by likers and validators, equating to $13M TVL. It is a testament to the LikeCoin community and participation in the network. …

Phoebe Poon

Core team @LikeCoin | Transforming the content industry through decentralized publishing. #DePub

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