Why Does Dating Men Make Me Feel Like Shit?
Emma Lindsay

Shame, sex, lust and love, how can we navigate these strange places in ourselves. Having sex with men seems to make me feel good about myself, I love being held, skin to skin. But I think its important not to take anything they say too seriously, especially if it may make you feel bad about yourself. It is frustrating when men don’t want sex, when they just want to cuddle, it doesn’t make me feel less attractive, it just made me think that our drives are miss matched. Lust is natural but it can leave us feeling empty. We could be kinder to ourselves and each other. Sex really takes off when your heart is into it…. its worth the wait ! Mind you I am currently single beginning to feel a little frustrated, very wary of “relationship” and bored by the idea of just shagging….. hmmm a puzzle !

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