New Chances to Get it Right (Playlist)

It really didn’t occur to me to make a New Year’s playlist until I rolled over this morning at 7am. Which is… a little late, but better late than never yeah?

I’ve stood just adjacent to the idea of curating playlists forever. They help a lot with my depression, motivation, and executive function issues. Every few months I would make a list of all the earworms I had aquired and it would be the soundtrack to my life. At first, I’d just listen to it, enjoy the music, and refine some of my choices. But in the coming weeks? It would work faster than any coffee or tea or whatever the new anti-depressant the psych had me trying out that month.

Can’t get out of bed to go running (i.e. walking)? Put the hype playlist on. Have to wash dishes? clothes? yourself? Or, just, those chores you have to do for a basic level of cleanliness? Headphones and the Hype Playlist. Can’t convince yourself to cook (mind you, my absolute favorite thing to do) real food to eat? Hype playlist.

I’d usually shoot for less than 20 songs because that makes a forty minute to hourish long playlist that I could loop over and over and help keep track of time and carry me past those tasks that just can’t really be broken down into smaller chunks. (I’m looking at you wet laundry.)

So I end up with all these playlists. I had to clean up and toss some (10?) towards the end of the year and even now, I’ve been using emojis to pull my current playlists to the top of the list. I’ve also been looking for groups (mostly on Telegram and Discord) to come roast me and my…. predictable taste in music. Also, to hopeully improve my playlists. I never found any (maybe I wasn’t looking in the right places? hit me up @phoefowl on twitter) so here we are. Me screaming into the void. I hear you can make a living doing that these days though.

This is a bit of a mess, but here’s some confidence-boosting bops I pulled out of my 2017 Wrapped (you gotta take some and leave some as with everything). Not all of these are necessarily about confidence, but also some things that I just hope that I can get right this year.

🎆 2018: New Chances To Get it Right

(contains explicit and nonenglish lyrics)

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