The struggle for America’s soul

The current crisis of leadership in America isn’t a political crisis, but a human crisis. It is a declaration of the people that they are unwilling to accept a continuation of a system which they don’t think works for them. In a deeper sense, it is an inability to sweep under the rug an innate human need for harmony. At the same time, it is also a disenchantment with the current system on which the world is operating.

These factors have unsurprisingly led some to make radical electoral choices hoping that shaking the establishment would change things, even if at the cost of temporary chaos. Moreover, current events around the globe have made it harder to believe that “more of the same” will continue to work. It has also led some to question whether the idea of community on which the Euro system is trying to operate, holds enough merit to be wholeheartedly supported. It has led many to question the idealist vision of a unified continent or globe.

Most importantly, it has led to some of the basest fears — those which were suppressed and subdued — to raise their head and take holds of the consciousness of the people. Inevitably, due to the surfacing of these fears, a defense mechanism has kicked in, which has opened the minds of the population to radical alternatives.

The events of the next few days, months and years will be a test of our mental and inner fortitude — whether we choose to give in to baser ideas or we pierce the veil and uplift our consciousness.