Caught watching p*rn? Find the right excuses for it! Part #3

xHamster users have proven that creativity has no limits. Check out the lame excuses people use when being caught watching porn. The hottest one we packed as the stickers on Telegram! So, if you like it, download and spread the love!

It’s a research! I’m testing my hypothesis that two hands are better than one!
I was just counterbalancing all the romance in our relationship!
It doesn’t matter where I get my appetite, as long as I go home to it
Go away! I’m having a creative wank
I was furthering the socialist revolution and one thing led to another
The holocaust is fake
I didn’t know that Lars Von Trier had return to Dogma, do you?
Wait! What? I was sleeping walking, I guess…
Quick, get some help, my hand and cock are fighting!
What porn? This is a PBS special on regional mating customs!
This is the way I cope with the undeniable meaningless horror of life
I can shoot a load farther than that, sit here and watch
Trying to understand human behaviour to be a better person
This is porn? Don’t you dare look in my hard drive then
I see is as education and it’s really for our benefit, babe!

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