Meet New xHamster Logo!

New xHamster logo

As savvy porn fans may have already noticed, the xHamster brand is expanding and that comes along with a badass upgrade for our logo mascot.

Our audience wants to see our logo evolve because they are connected with our brand, free spirited and wild at heart. That`s why we came up with this simple but sexy new logo version. We never want to become too comfortable with something we did well long ago. We always view our own success as a challenge to see what we can do to become even better and set new levels of accomplishment for xHamster in the future.

You may have already seen the new xHamster logo appearing as part of our partnership with Promosport Racing cycling team from Italy for the entire season 2016 as well as the announcement that you’ll soon be able to enjoy world class craft beer with the xHamster name on it — the first porn beer in the world!

xHamster beer

It’s an exciting time to be part of the xHamster world and we expect to be bringing you a lot of interesting news in the days, weeks and months to cum throughout all of 2016!

Check out the logo story here! (SFW)

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