Is “Ghostwriting” Ethical?
Navin Prakash Israni

Do I approve ghost writing? No!!

Do I like ghost writing? No!!

Will I ghost write? No!!

For multiple reasons:

  1. I do not like to write what I do not like, regardless of the bank balance.
  2. I cannot produce quality work, if I have no control, and I would hate myself if I know what I have produced is not quality.
  3. Ghost writing for money is just a short term and personal benefit, look at the bigger picture. You are enabling a person who either has no time to write (means he / she is not serious about writing), or cannot write (means he / she is not a quality writer). Who gets the credit, the person who does not deserve it. This kills genuine, struggling writers as they never get their name out there.

There are few more reasons, but these should suffice to get my point across.

To each his own, you may look at your bank balance and be happy about ghost writing, but in my opinion, it’s just a short sighted and short term solution.

My two paise worth!!!