Can Kevin Richardson’s NutriO2 Really Help With Rheumatoid Arthritis? Here Is My Review

Rheumatoid arthritis runs in my family.

Hi there, for the last few years this progressive condition has been really affecting my daily life. The pain, inflammation and tenderness in my joints have stopped me doing a lot of things that I love.

For a while I was able to simply take some pain killers and ignore the problem but it started to get really bad about a year ago. The problem with this condition is that there is not a lot you can actually do for it. The treatments available at the minute are more about decreasing the pain and trying to keep the inflammation under control rather than actually curing the condition.

I wasn’t very happy with this especially when my doctor explained that my quality of life was probably going to decrease even further over the years.
When looking through a rheumatoid arthritis support forum, I discovered that some people had been using NutriO2 by Kevin Richardson as a way of dealing with their condition.

NutriO2 ups the amount of oxygen that your body takes in and creates healthier blood cells. In fact, oxygen therapy has been used for a while to deal with the pain and inflammation that is associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Buying pure oxygen in canisters isn’t very cost effective and NutriO2 seemed to be a cheaper and perhaps healthier way to achieve the same result.

I found a great deal for 6 bottles of NutriO2 online and decided to give it a try over a few months. After all, these treatments usually need a while for you to really feel the effects.

For the first few days of taking NutriO2, I had a slight dull headache. I’m not even sure if it was linked to it or not but it went away by Day 3 anyway. 
As for the pain I can safely say that NutriO2 has helped a lot. You only need to mix a few drops of the solution into a glass of water every day. After a few weeks, my hands felt a lot more flexible and didn’t swell up as much as before. I even managed to hit a few golf balls at the driving range without significant pain so this was a major bonus for me.

I am still taking NutriO2, and while my rheumatoid arthritis will never completely go away, it has allowed me to enjoy life again without a lot of pain and discomfort. I have even stopped taking my painkillers every day because I don’t see the need anymore — I only take them when it really flares up sometimes.

Some of my friends have the same condition as I do and I have told them all about NutriO2 and they are seeing the benefit of this solution as well.
I hope that you can get the same benefits from using NutriO2 for rheumatoid arthritis and the pain and inflammation as I have.
Thanks for reading.

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