What You Need to Know About Keylogger for OS X

A safe and legitimate keyloggerfor OS Xcan help users log every keystroke typed on theMac keyboard, which means that all activity of the user on the Mac computer is secretly recorded. From passwords to any private information that you have on your computer, they are being monitored.Many people are familiar with how a Mackeylogger works, but barely have enough information.

Watch out for keystrokes from a malware

Most of these keyloggers installed come through a malware, but there are also legitimate programs that are especiallydesigned for personal and business use. For instance, a safe and legitimate keylogger for OS Xhelps parents and employers know all the Mac activities of children or employees.

How does akeyloggerfor OS X work?

It depends on how you want to use akeyloggerfor OS X. For protective parents, they can install this software to track the online activities of their children. This is useful for parents in so many ways as it can monitor how children use the computer and surf the Internet. But apart from parents, akeyloggerfor OS X can also be used for business use.

Have you ever wondered how business owners can monitor the productivity of their employees? One of the methods they use is through the use ofakeylogger for OS X. This is one way for them to prevent their employees from using office computer for their own personal use or leaking confidential information to competitors.

Many users are aware that keyloggers may come off as a malware. If this happens, your private and other personal information and details are at risk. This is because it works as a Trojan that is considered to be harmful.But there are cases where a keylogger is secure and can be professionally installed by protective parents, worried spouses and employers.

What can aKeyloggerfor OS X do?

Since it operates in a stealth mode, the target Mac user will not easily detect if there is such software program on the Mac. A keylogger runs in the background without the user noticingthat it is silently working. Usually after installation, Mac keyloggerlogs every keystroke typed, accounts and passwords inputted, web history, chat logs in social media apps, screenshots of Mac activities, typed email content. All the monitoring logs will be sent to parents or employers by email or upload to FTP.

Keylogger helps a lot when it is installed and used for legitimate purposes such as monitoring children’s Mac activities, or increase employee productivity. But just before you install one, make sure that you only install a stealth keylogger for OS X from a reputable and reliable source.