The Shape of Pop to Come #10

Take a moment to watch this trailer for Japandroids’ new album, Near To The Wild Heart Of Life:

Still with us? If this video made your heart race like few things in this world can, you’re either a Japandroids fan or merely human.

Japandroids releases can best be described as comets cutting through the night sky. They are fast, bright, awe-inspiring and, once they pass, you never know if you’re ever experiencing another one in your lifetime. In fact, their previous album, Celebration Rock, came with a statement from the Canadian duo claiming that they could not foresee surpassing that particular record, since they poured every drop of themselves into its making, so they were probably not making another one.

If you’ve never heard Celebration Rock, have a listen and realize that you can see their point:

Japandroids’ music isn’t deep. They don’t mine for truth or wallow in sadness. Instead, they write about moments of celebratory hubris, in which we all have experienced the feeling of invincibility that comes with having a fantastic time with friends. It ain’t rocket science, but it gets ya to the stratosphere, nonetheless.

This is music built on scale and a deep sense of empathy, harkening to 80s bands such as Guns N’ Roses, Hüsker Dü and The Replacements, as well as classic rock stalwarts as Bruce Springsteen and The Who. The lyrics work almost as a glossary of rock’n’roll tropes, but it doesn’t matter since the emotion behind them are sufficient to get the point across to whoever is listening.

The reception to Celebration Rock was ecstatic, but nobody seemed to know what to make of this. Japandroids was a rock’n’roll unicorn. During the extended period of time between releases, however, a consensus among rock fans has formed, much like Daft Punk’s Discovery among EDM fans, that the album represents a platonic ideal, a condensation of everything a music fan wants rock’n’roll to be, and it still somehow manages to exceed those expectations.

That album trailer is as perfect a vehicle to build excitement for the new album as can be, since it’s all build-up. An ever intensifying drumroll accompanied by rising feedback, all the while slow motion live images pass through the screen. Excitement mounts and expectations soar, and on can count on Japandroids to provide the best possible release.

Near To The Wild Heart Of Life is out some time 2017 on ANTI-.

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