The Shape of Pop to Come #2

2015 has been rough for what is called British indie. Historically rough. So rough that NME, the main hype generator in the UK music press, only put three new artists on the cover this year, one cover each.

Noel Gallagher has appeared on three NME covers this year alone.

You could chalk it up to editorial laziness, however, the NME has clearly struggled to find a new band to bestow the title of “GREATEST THING SINCE THE LAST THING”. No super rookies, no breakout artist, no journeyman group finally having its due, no new Libertines album (yet, but there’s still time).

The magazine’s main bet seems to be the group Catfish and the Bottleman (seriously, that’s the name). A poor man’s Viva Brother, which in turn were a poor man’s Razorlight, which were the worst band the UK has ever produced. If you like your music at the same time blustery and non-descript, Catfish and the Bottleman are for you.

The silver lining is that usually a shitty music scene tends to birth awesome new bands, motivated to make better music than what’s being forced upon them. Here’s hoping that’s the case.

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