Ever thought of visiting Turkey? Here’s everything you need to know

With cities wrapped up in history, seashores, and beautiful landscape, a visit to Turkey promise you a delighted vacation trip. Sightseeing such as the prehistoric city of Ephesus to the luxury beach resorts beside the Aegean Sea will mesmerize and enthrall even the most fed-up traveler.

Once you plan to visit Turkey, you will find such a great destination to spend your vacation, tried and tested by ardent travel lovers. Tourists across the world find major attraction in spending days in Turkey due to sunny Aegean and Mediterranean seashores and matchless landscapes, such as cave city Cappadocia and Pamukkale. According to the official stats, more than 20 million tourists visit this fascinating and historical country every year.

Roaming around alone or spending some magical moments with your spouse or amusing the whole family. It has something very interesting for everyone. The locals are pleasant and friendly. Restaurants and hotels have family dining which is usually open till midnight. Try Turk’s local and traditional foods and most importantly their famous ‘ice-cream’.

Turkey situated on the remains of many historical civilizations including Hittites, Trojans, Greeks, Romans, Byzantine Empire, Seljuks, and Ottomans. Even exploring the advanced and luxurious city of Istanbul, one can’t miss the fascination of Hagia Sophia. Turks have a profound rich culture that offers great cuisine, renowned baths, traditions dedicated to tea and coffee, architectures, awe-inspiring mosques, and a beautiful mixture of Asia and Europe. Once you get engaged there in interesting activities such as river rafting, skiing, scuba diving, boating, hiking, hot air ballooning and even camel wrestling, you will experience the ultimate balance between nature and science.

Who would want to miss out the chance of spending vacations at Turkey? Even though five out of seven of Turkey`s climatic states are quite hot and rainless in warm weather, but it is cool in the islands. Plus, this is the very season to experience festivals and events across the country. Starting from May, they offer you Marmaris Yacht Show, the Marmaris Festival (June), Aspendos Opera Festival (June), Butterfly Valley (July to September), Antalya Film Festival (September). Turkish summers events last from mid-June to mid-September. So plan your trip accordingly. Travel agencies will guide you better about the climatic conditions and where to spend most of your time. Hiring a travel agency will also save you from the stress of getting visa, tickets, permissions and all. So what are you waiting for?

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