How Can a Cloud Dialer Boost Call Center’s Productivity?

Let’s agree to this, call center business is a technology sensitive industry. And with so many technologies and services developing up these days, it is always important to be updated, because if you want your business will lag behind the competition. However, in the emerging internet operating environment, many organizations need special services, to avoid the question of outsourcing. Also, companies are now forced to rethink their business strategies, while they have to reduce operating costs and improve customer loyalty to not to fall into the trap of global economic downturn.

One such technology that can help you get above the embroilments of the traditional auto-dialers and help your business achieve an edge is the cloud dialer.

There are following ways it can benefit your business:

• Affordability: These dialers are highly affordable, the reason being that they don’t need expensive software, hardware or any other infrastructures to run. They don’t need any special team to operate either. This fact allows start-ups and small businesses to use their budget in other important operations. Because the needed financial resources can be utilized elsewhere, it not only increases productivity but also creates a better scope for growth.

• Time Saving: When using a cloud based dialer, there is absolutely no need to bother about the physical efforts or the wastage of time of agents involved with dialing. Cloud-based auto dialers dial the numbers of the clients automatically from the database and the agent is involved only when the call is connected. Therefore, the agent does not have to invest time in manually looking up numbers from the phonebook. No answers, voicemail, call drops — these time wasting situations are easily avoided by the features offered by a cloud dialer system. This technique makes calling much faster and the agents can now deal with a lot more clients in the given time.

• Tech Upgrades: The thing that call centers need the most is to update themselves constantly in order to provide a better customer experience. And Cloud-based call center software providers regularly keep adding new features and improving their platforms and that too, at no additional cost for the added features and technology. A cloud-based call center platform is hosted in a multitenant environment and when its developers upgrade or improve their platform, all of the users reap the benefits at no additional cost.

• Productivity: Cloud-based auto dialers also filter the hindrances like DND (do not disturb), busy numbers, voicemails, or disconnections — calls are automatically rejected in these cases. It connects the agent only when other side answers — thereby, saving the valuable times of your sales reps that can be used on other clients. This added time can be used in calling and securing more potential clients and deals. This increases the overall productivity of your business and helps in increasing your lead conversions.

Therefore, with cloud based auto dialers there are no roadblocks in the business. To know more about cloud dialer, please visit

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