Power Dialers and Predictive Dialers — Understanding the Basic Differences

When it comes to call center solutions, power dialers happen to be the most refined and user friendly options out there. They are designed to help sales agents generate loyalty and create deep relationships with the company’s clients and ensure that they don’t forget their brand. On the other hand, if your call center set-up’s ultimate goal is to churn numbers and generate more turnover, predictive dialers are the more sensible option for you. So you can see, even though both of them are basically a software or a system meant to increase the profitability and productivity of a call center, they focus on two very different operational aspects and objectives. In this article, you will get a chance to explore both these systems in detail and understand the key differences that make power dialers and predictive dialers unique in their own right.

Power Dialers

Power dialer software will prove to be one of the first step that you can take towards streamlining your customer outreach operations. If a business hopes to foster deeper customer relations, to make calls to senior management, or to live by a quality-over-quantity motto, then a power dialer is the luxury vehicle required for that purpose. This dialer automates a significant amount of the process by managing the list of numbers and dialing, which allows for up to 30% increased productivity over manual dialing. You might be wondering at this juncture that even predictive dialers do the same thing! While that may be true, a power dialer allows users to deal with each customer individually, in terms of their unique interests and needs. Instead of the cattle-herding style of dialing that is part and parcel of predictive dialers, power dialing systems help create a more meaningful interaction between your sales agent and a potential customer.

Predictive dialers

With predictive dialers there is a problem with the phone system getting ahead of the phone rep-calls will be placed, and answered, but the lead is in effect left hanging, while waiting for the caller to respond. Very often this results in a hang up from the lead’s side and generally cultivates a high level of annoyance from those on the receiving end. This might prove to be detrimental to your interests and may not present a favorable picture in front of customers who will be receiving your calls. But if your aim is to ensure maximum number of calls in a day, this is the kind of software that you should go for.

So you see, the major different between predictive and power dialers happen to be the basic objective for which both these software’s were designed. While the former aims at increasing call quantity, the latter focuses on improving call quality. So make sure you consider both these aspects before choosing the best solution for your call center organization.

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