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Hello Everyone!

Today we would like to share with you the most awaited update regarding Phoneum GO.

We have had one goal. To create a game that everyone could master, regardless of their age or interest in cryptocurrency, we expect to deliver a fun, yet challenging game.

With Phoneum GO, we believe we have done just that. We have created a game unique to the marketplace. We are developing games within the game. Ever evolving and ever improving.

As the roadblocks began to mount, we took a step back and updated our internal timeline to be more realistic. Each day new ideas are suggested, and we are continuously excited by each new one, but we can’t implement them all at once!

Without further buildup, here is the updated roadmap for Phoneum GO along with the first look at some of the new features:

By 12/31/2018

iOS Release

New update will include:
1.) Full integration of Quests

To date we have delivered:
1.) Earning
2.) Settings
3.) Profile

Android Release

1.) Introduction of Gold as an in-game currency
a. Allows players to use gold to purchase items in the Shop instead of using their earned PHM
b. Meets Apple and Google guidelines in relation to using cryptocurrencies within games

2.) Updated Shop
a. Added new items, including; Shovel, Clue, Magnet and the Treasure Chests

3.) Ability to bury Gold — allowing for Gold to be converted to PHM

4.) Introduction of Treasure Chests into the game

Thank you for your continued interest and support, it means so much to us. We wish all of you a Happy Holiday season and can’t wait to share with you the many more amazing things to come in 2019!

The Phoneum Team