Get the Most Out of Your Phone Call Conversions and Boost Your ROI

If your business generates leads and converts them into prospects, you already might be aware of the importance of increasing your ROI and how getting a good return on investment is critical to the success of your company. With so many marketing strategies and plans available, it becomes difficult to know what steps you should take to get the most out of your marketing efforts and budget.

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Fortunately, there is a simple step you can take to improve your ROI: increase your phone call conversions. This means generating and converting more inbound calls with call analytics and call tracking.

Why do calls even matter?

Mobile devices have caused the “click-to-call” practice to flourish: simply including a “Call Now” call-to-action button on your mobile site helps in driving more calls and conversions.

The click-to-call is a powerful asset. Reports have shown that click-to-call commerce is worth more than $1 trillion in total transactions. Despite this remarkable growth of e-commerce, many consumers still want to get product or service related information and complete sales transactions over the phone. It’s essential to capture the attention of the prospects who are calling you as they are more likely to get converted. These recent statistics demonstrate the importance of inbound calls:

● 60% of marketers say customers who initiate inbound calls convert an average of 30% faster. (From Forrester Consulting/Marchex, June 2017)

● 60% of marketers say customers who initiate inbound calls spend an average of 28% more. (From Forrester Consulting/Marchex, June 2017)

These statistics show what many marketers have already known from their experience: if you pick up the phone (or click-to-call), you are closer to a conversion. If you want to improve your ROI, you need to drive more inbound call conversions.

Get the Most Out of Your Phone Call Conversions

With so many conversion-ready prospects who are waiting to call, you should do everything you can to drive more inbound calls. Here are a few smart strategies to increase conversions and gain in-depth insights about your customers.

Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly?

In the first half of 2018, mobile search revenue touched $13.5 billion. This shows the incredible power of mobile search. Appearing on mobile SERPs is essential to increase your call conversions. Mobile users will leave your site in a second if they find it hard to use. Make your site welcoming to mobile users that nudges them towards the click-to-call button.

Retarget Past Callers — Let Them Know You’re Still There!

Analyze past caller data to retarget those customers who contacted your business before. You don’t need to call them directly. If you’re using call tracking software, you should have your previous customers’ contact information that you can use to reconnect with them. Use CTAs to entice them to give you a callback.

Leverage the Click-to-Call Feature to Drive More Conversions

While your paid ad campaigns may be giving digital conversions, make changes in them so that they also start driving calls. One smart way to achieve this is by using the click-to-call feature in paid search ads. Optimizing your ads to drive more calls will help with phone call conversions.

Treat Phone Call Conversions like Online Conversions

By capturing certain data from phone calls, you can measure your digital ROI and improve campaign performance. You will learn more about your customers and what drive conversions. Call tracking and call analytics are critical in helping you figure out how to optimize your campaigns to drive more conversions. By treating phone call conversions like online conversions, you’ll get the most out of your click-to-call ads.

Pull Marketing Insights from the Caller Experience

A negative caller experience will likely cost you a lead. It’s pertinent to analyze the caller experience not only to improve it but also to gather valuable information on the customer. How long did the call last? What time are most calls occurring? Did the caller mention any keywords? By asking these questions, you can better prepare your sales team and improve phone call conversions.

How Can Call Tracking Solutions Help?

A robust call analytics software will measure and optimize the entire customer journey. It can integrate call data across all of your marketing and ad platforms such as Google Analytics and Facebook Ads. It allows your company to take a data-driven approach to your phone calls and produce more phone call conversions.

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