Sprint 1: Interaction Design

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by Paolo Honrade on October 7th, 2016

Link to demo video:

Link to “POP” Prototype:

1) Interacting with Citizen Science

Whiteboard initial interaction flow of my app, “Nestation.”

For this sprint, we focused on interaction design and we had to prototype an app using another app called “POP.” The mobile app needed to be designed for citizen science to collect data for scientists and researchers. Users of this mobile app would be everyday citizens who are able to collect data in various fields of science. We focused on environmental issues in our communities and I chose to create an app aiding users to collect data for animal census in urban communities. I wanted an app that anyone can easily use and to track the locations of bird nests in their locations. Since I had a broad range of users, I made sure navigation through the app was usable for all. After sketching out different screens of the app and arranging the navigation on “POP,” I created a demo video showcasing my prototype app, “Nestation.”

2) Revisiting my Design Flow

Rough sketch of my screens and the connections between the screens.

After completing my assignment, I noticed a lot of trial and error creating a prototype. Eventually, we will be diving deeper on prototypes and usability of our prototypes in later weeks. Hopefully we can take a more in-depth look on creating a prototype that has a seamless interaction flow. I had a lot of trouble creating a cohesive flow from the start and would like more opportunities to improve my design skills.

3) What’s Popping with “POP?”

The screens in index cards ready to be photographed for “POP.”

This sprint introduced me to this great prototyping app called, “POP,” prototyping on paper, that can turn simple index card drawings into an early-stage, interactive app. The app is such a convenient way to turn simple drawings of UI/UX design into something I can physically use. I believe this app could be useful for me and my fellow designers, who have trouble processing their ideas into an app that flow interactively. Taking this class, I can appreciate sprints like these because they can give me resources I would not have.