Our Valentine’s Day dinner: Course #1

How to Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Some love it, others hate it and some hide from it. Personally I think it is a pain. In the past I have always felt like part of a herd as we wait for a table at some restaurant that is packed with people trying too hard.

I know it’s not a very romantic view but stick with me here. Valentine’s Day usually involves trying to find a reservation at a place where you will sit in a room with other people doing the exact same thing as you. You will cringe at the bill. One couple will have had a few too many and start making out at the table next to you while you quietly wish you had just made some Mac and Cheese and exchanged cards with your significant other at home.

Again, not romantic, I get it. But this year we found another option. I fired up the Phoodio app out of curiosity to see if any of my favorites were out serving. To my surprise, one of my favorite chef run trucks was going to be out at a brewery for Valentines’s Day.

A text to my girlfriend was sent and went something like this:

Me: Hey, we should check this truck out tonight..Haha..Just kidding
GF: That sounds interesting. Let’s do it!

Cue shocked face.

Now we both are not big on the holiday and think it is a little contrived but we still wanted to do something small. Suddenly, I thought, we had the perfect solution.

One of our favorite food trucks, J Street, was serving dinner at a nearby brewery. And it turns out, they were having a 3 course pre-fixe menu for two. How cool is that!

Our menu for the evening

J Street was serving at Cannonball Creek Brewing in nearby Golden, CO. So we put on our most relaxed attire and headed to a brewery for a 3 course Valentine’s Day dinner.

It is one of my favorite Valentine experiences. We walked in and immediately found a seat. There were plenty of people but the place wasn’t packed. After making our choices we ordered our meal and sat down for a few samples of beers on tap.

Dinner was excellent. The atmosphere was relaxed and the beers were great. Now compare this with past experiences. Absent was the stress of making a reservation. Arriving at an overly priced restaurant only to be seated next to the bathrooms because they overbooked. Gone was the waiter rattling through a ridiculous specials menu asking me if I needed anything explained (well yeah, I do, but let’s not make a big point of it.)

Instead, all of that was replaced with a brewery nestled next to the foothills along Colorado 93 where a bartender in a punk rock t-shirt happily explained the difference between the bourbon barrel aged stout and their standard imperial as we enjoyed our gnocchi with mushrooms and kale.

Tiramisu Bread Pudding and someone’s business card..Not sure how that got there.

We polished off the whole experience with a tiramisu bread pudding and I couldn’t help but think about how excellent this all was. Phoodio was built to do just this: make it easy to find your favorite food trucks, even on Valentine’s Day.

Gone are the days where food trucks only served bar food on wheels. We were treated to an incredibly high quality meal that didn’t break the bank.

So the next time you visit one of your favorite trucks or food carts ask them if they are on Phoodio. Maybe you’ll find yourself enjoying a more interesting Valentine’s Day dinner next year.